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Colourstrings Music Kindergartens form the foundation of all the tuition at the North London Conservatoire.  Classes are available for babies of six months upwards to children of six years.   Teaching is child-centred but structured using folk song and classical music to inspire and develop core music skills through singing, rhythm games, dancing, free movement, use of tuned and untuned percussion and simple listening.  

Complex ideas are taught very simply in an enjoyable way, providing everything a child needs to be successful on an instrument in the future.

From five or six years old, Colourstrings instrumental tuition is offered to kindergarten graduates, who can choose violin, viola, cello, mini-bass, piano or guitar.   The Colourstrings/Kodaly approaches, quality of the materials and expert tuition typically bring success to a high level.

With music, one's whole future life is brightened … Music should belong to everyone.   Zoltán Kodály

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The vast majority of our students will reach a high standard on their instruments and will become very skilled amateurs (typically reaching Grade 7-8 standard or above by 13-14 years).  Roughly 10% will decide to pursue a career in the music profession. We have a history of successful entries to The Royal Academy and Royal Colleges of Music, Trinity Laban, the Guildhall and The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, as well as to university study.  For more information, please see Our Centre